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Ekofrut 2006 LTD is a Bulgarian company situated in Belogradchik Town where the amazing The Belogradchik Rocks are. The town is situated on the northern slopes of the western part of Stara Planina Mountain. Besides the beautiful rocks here we have many and very different herbs, mushrooms and wild fruits. This area is one of the most environmentally friendly places in Bulgaria and Europe.
In this area you can find the most wanted herbs in the market: leafs (nettle, raspberry, blackberry), blossom (lime, elder, hawthorn), fruits (rose hips, blackthorn, hawthorn, blackberry, raspberry), stem (St. John's wort, mugwort, horsetail, white and comfrey, dandelion) and root (medical hollyhock, dandelion). The area is very rich in wild mushrooms - Penny bun, Golden chanterelle,St. George's mushroom, Red pine mushroom, Caesar's mushroom, Fairy ring mushrooms, Black Trumpet. The most common wild fruits are: Blackberry, Dog rose, Blackthorn berry, Whitehorn berry and Woodsland sorrel and more.


Registration (Official) address of the company:
Ekofrut 2006 Ltd.

Mladost 2 neighborhood, 
block 33, apartment 31
BG - 3400 Montana, Bulgaria

Address of Storage and  refrigerators of the company:

Ekofrut 2006 Ltd.
Tsar Ivan Stracimir 6
BG - 3900 Belogradchik, Bulgaria

00359 936 54217 

00359 888 410693 - Speaks English
00359 887 704802
00359 887 258490
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